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2018: Event 03
6 - 9

Hosted by LMU Munich, the second annual GAME meeting was successfully held in Munich, with the participation of Deans and Principle Investigators from member universities. Members gathered to review progresses on collaborative research projects and discuss new initiatives such as the establishment of an Alliance website and exchange programmes. 

2018: Event 02

Following the Academic Exchange Agreement previously signed between our two institutions, the first cohort of LMU exchange students started an 8-week attachment at CUHK at the end of May. Under the care of Prof Henry Chan, cooperation program representative of CUHK, students Christian Weber, Katharina Rehbach, Carola Focke and Daniel Amberger were invited to take part in the International Digestive Disease Forum (IDDF) 2018 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, a flagship event organized by the Institute of Digestive Disease (IDD) of CUHK.

IDDF website

2018: Event 01

Prof Gary Wong, Department of Paediatrics, CUHK, gave a talk at LMU University Hospital (KUM) about "Publishing in The New England Journal of Medicine".


Prof Wong has been appointed in 2014 as associate editor of the journal and together with only 9 other colleagues around the world, decides the fate of over 17000 submissions annually. In his lively lecture, he explained essential criteria for success in the selection process of the minute fraction of submissions for publication: “Indispensable features of successful manuscripts are: important, informative, novel and ethical”.


NEJM’s impact factor of above 70 is the results of choosing the very best of the best scientific work. A lively discussion with mostly junior scientists, but also faculty in the audience demonstrated the great interest in his presentation.


The discussion was led by Prof Erika von Mutius, Children’s Hospital of LMU and member of the distinguished editorial board of the NEJM. Prof Alexander Gerbes, representative of the LMU medical faculty in the collaboration with CUHK, hosted the event.

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