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18 June 2017

Collaborators of the trilateral research on “Multi-centre analysis of immune-regulatory mechanisms that protect from childhood asthma in distinct rural environments” met up in Helsinki, Finland to discuss progress of their on-going study. Attendees included Dr Bianca Schaub, LMU University Children´s Hospital; Prof Gary Wong, Department of Paediatrics, CUHK; Prof Chun Kwok Wong, Department of Chemical Pathology, CUHK; Ms Hannah Xing and Ms Miranda Tsang, PhD students, CUHK; Prof Marjut Roponen, University of Eastern Finland; Dr Zhaowei Yang, Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Disease.

Prof CK Wong and Ms Tsang also presented part of their work at the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) congress 2017 held on 17-21 June at Helsinki.

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